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Dear Valued Customers,

I am very much aware that the postage cost is rather high; as of October 15, Singapore Post had revised it postage cost to a starting value of GBP8.30 (1 gram -240gram). Therefore, new postage cost will be calculated based on estimated weight of the items. Do allow me to consolidate your order and adjust the postage cost accordingly, any surplus postage cost will be refund after dispatched.
Postage cost is estimated as per the following;

0.1g - 240g                         £8.30

241g - 490g                        £14.50

491g - 990g                        £22.00

991g – 1.45kg                    £30.30

1.451kg – 1.99kg              £36.50

1.991kg – 2.45kg              £51.00

2.451kg – 2.99kg              £59.00

2.991kg – 3.99kg              £73.00

3.991kg – 4.99kg              £95.00

4.991kg – 5.99kg              £109.50

5.991kg – 6.99kg              £132.00

6.991kg – 7.99kg              £146.10

7.991kg – 8.99kg              £167.00

8.991kg – 9.99kg              £182.50

9.991kg – 10.99kg            £201.50

Please request for quotation for weight above 10kg.

Please be assured that I will continue my service to you to the best of my ability.

For your information I work a 5 day week (Mon-Fri) from 9.00am to 7.00pm. Occasionally, I do post on Saturday by special request.

Many thanks for your support.